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Our Markets

We can cover numerous market, dairy products, edible oil, lubricants, pharmaceutical products, home and personal care products, detergents, chemicals, 


Serac has designed a wide range of filling and capping machines to cover all type of dairy products from fresh milk to aseptic filled products and many other filling solutions.

  • Liquid Yogurts and Fermented Milks

Flavored drinking yogurt, drinking yogurt with fruit pieces, supplemented drinking yogurt, drinking yogurt with probiotics

  • Liquid Creams

Pasteurized liquid creams, UHT whipped cream in aerosol can, UHT liquid cream, canned UHT creams and dairy products.

Milk, Drinking Yogurt, Cream - ESL application - HDPE or PET container - Cap - Alu Foil.

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Yogurts, Multi Layer Yogurt, Greek Yogurt, Cream Desserts, Fruit Desserts,

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Clean Filler: Neck trimmer - Pulsed Light - Induction Sealing

Neck Trimmer - Pulsed Light Induction Sealing

Aseptic line

Cup Filling - Heat sealing - Over capping